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Bridgwater and West Somerset CLP AGM November 2020

Thursday, 26 November 2020Leave a reply
Chairman of Bridgwater & West Somerset Constituency Labour Party LIAM TUCKER

At tonight’s Annual General Meeting of the Bridgwater and West Somerset Constituency Labour Party LIAM TUCKER was elected as the new chairman. Other officers are listed below.

*Chair      Liam Tucker

*Secretary     Brian Smedley

*Vice Chair     Pete Murphy

*Vice Chair/Membership     Lucy Naylor

*Treasurer Kath Pearce

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Labour Party NEC Results November 13 2020

Friday, 13 November 20201 Reply
Grassroots Voice clearly the winners in the NEC vote with 5 of their 6 candidates elected

The long awaited Labour Party NEC results have just been released. The crucial CLP section sees 5 of the 6 leftist Grassroots Labour slate elected  and 3 of the 6 Rightist ‘Labour to Win’ slate on the new NEC. Centrist Ann Black from ‘Open Labour’ makes up the 9. None of the independents were successful. Turnout was 27%, but 19% in the youth section.

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County Candidate Selections

Thursday, 29 October 2020Leave a reply
Bridgwater County divisions

Dear residents of the County Council wards of BRIDGWATER SOUTH and BRIDGWATER NORTH&CENTRAL you are invited to a ‘selection meeting’ to choose your Labour candidates for the County Council elections to be held next year.

Selection meetings will be held on Zoom and secret ballot online will be available.

  1. Bridgwater South will be Tuesday 3rd November 7pm
  2. Bridgwater North & Central will be Wednesday 4th November 7pm

Following the selection of candidates for these 2 seats-which are currently Labour held, there will be further selections for the next tranche of seats.

3.Bridgwater East & Bawdrip, 4. Bridgwater West, 5.Minehead , 6. Watchet & Stogursey, 7.North Petherton, 8.Huntspill, 9.Cannington, 10.Dunster , 11.Exmoor Continue reading “County Candidate Selections”

Labour Party NEC Ballots are out

Monday, 19 October 2020Leave a reply
NEC elections TIME TO VOTE

Ballots for this year’s elections to the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) are now out and voting will continue until 12th November with results being announced on the 13th.  As well as the nine members representing Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) members will also be able to vote for the position of Treasurer, whilst members under the age of 27 will be able to vote for the Youth Member Representative, and for the first time disabled members will be voting for their own representative too. The NEC is the governing body of the Labour Party, overseeing the overall direction of the party and the policy-making process. It sets strategic objectives on an annual basis and meets regularly to review the work of the party.  The successful candidates will work alongside Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner, helping to make sure the Party is in the best shape to win the 2024 General Election.

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Bridgwater & West Somerset NEC Nominations 2020

Friday, 28 August 2020Leave a reply
The results

The GMC of the Bridgwater and West Somerset Constituency Labour Party met on Zoom last night to vote for the constituencies nominations for the NEC elections.

Being a ‘delegate’ based GMC, 17 elected delegates from across the constituency were entitled to vote.

10 attended, proposed and seconded from a panel of candidates available here and then voted (in secret) via the Labour Partys ‘Choice Voting’ on-line system.

The meeting was Chaired by Gary Tucker and the voting system operated by Secretary Brian Smedley who has since been taken out and shot.

Results were as per the table and the gallery.


The Bridgwater & West Somerset NEC Nominations

CLP Members Discuss Key Priorities Following ‘Devastating Election Report’

Sunday, 12 July 2020Leave a reply

Despite the temptation of going out to enjoy the sunshine, members turned up on Zoom this afternoon to take part in a new-style meeting consisting of ‘breakout rooms’ in order to discuss the findings of the Labour Together Report on the General Election.  Members from across the constituency turned out to have their say on the report’s findings and suggested some possible changes we could make locally from the 43 recommendations of the report.

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Unitary Back on the Table

Tuesday, 2 June 20201 Reply
Cllr Brian Smedley calls for engagement with the unitary review to bring power back to the Boroughs

Just before lockdown Somerset Labour planned to hold a public meeting to discuss a common approach the the proposed ‘unitary’ reorganisation that was causing ructions within the local Tory party as County Tories urged a County solution and District Tories urged a district solution. Labour is not strong in Somerset but it does  control BridgwaterTown Council and is the main opposition Party on Sedgemoor District Council. So it’s time again for us to enter the fray on the subject of unitaries. This week County Tory leader David Fothergill has reignited the debate-to the annoyance of District Tories. Somerset Labour will host a ZOOM discussion on the subject of Unitary options on Friday 12th June at 10am. The meeting will be hosted by county Labour Leader Leigh Redman and Leader of Bridgwater Town Council, Brian Smedley. If you are a Labour Party member and would like a zoom link to join the meeting please email us

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Bridgwater and West Somerset Labour Links

Monday, 25 May 2020Leave a reply

Here are some links that you can visit. Some are private discussion groups for members, others are public facing to react with the wider community. If you have Facebook or Twitter presence it would be really helpful to us if you could follow some or all of these pages, clicking ‘like’ where possible and retweeting or sharing links and stories.

Somerset Labour web sites

Somerset Labour Continue reading “Bridgwater and West Somerset Labour Links”

The Tories are the Real Enemy – Let’s Unite and Defeat Them

Monday, 6 April 20207 Replies
From Keir to Eternity. Labour Leader puts the Case for “Marching on Together”

Keir Starmer is the new leader of the Labour Party. He’s been elected on the first round by more than 50% of Labour members so that’s that. He’s the leader. ‘Jinx no come back’. Sorted. And he’s got off to a great start appointing a new shadow cabinet including all the other Leadership candidates and up and coming new MPs with a great socialist pedigree. So now’s the time to get behind the leader and go forward together in a spirit of unity and focus on the real enemy. “The Soft Left Blairite Revisionist Scum!!”.….NO…the Bloody Tories of course.

Remember the 1980’s when the chant at every demo was “We hate Tories and we hate Tories, We hate Tories and we Hate Tories, we hate Tories and we hate Tories. We are the Tory, haters.” A very concise  policy statement which we could all rally behind. But we have a slight problem these days in that too many people don’t seem to hate Tories enough not to vote for them and some people, even join this hated party. So, what on earths going on? I hear you say. I hear myself say it, so it must be true. Continue reading “The Tories are the Real Enemy – Let’s Unite and Defeat Them”

Leaders Nomination Meeting RESULT

Wednesday, 15 January 20203 Replies
Thornberry, Nandy, Starmer and Long Bailey

At the Labour All-Members meeting of 7 Feb 2020  Bridgwater and West Somerset Constituency nominated KIER STARMER for Leadership and DAWN BUTLER for Deputy Leadership. We also nominated LAUREN TOWNSEND and LEIGH DRENNAN for NEC CLP reps plus MEHMOOD MIRZA for BAME rep.

There will now be a vote of all members nationally and of course local members can vote for whoever they wish as it will be postal and online.

All information for candidates can be found here.

Procedural guidelines can be found here.

All Somerset CLPs have now nominated and the results are

CLP                                                                              LEADER                            DEPUTY LEADER

Bridgwater & West Somerset                                 Kier Starmer                 Dawn Butler

Yeovil                                                                          Rebecca Long Bailey   Angela Rayner

Taunton Deane                                                         Kier Starmer                Angela Rayner

Wells                                                                           Rebecca Long Bailey   Angela Rayner

Somerton & Frome                                                   Kier Starmer                 Roseen Allin-Khan

Any questions please contact CLP Secretary Brian Smedley:- or 07772402671.

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